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Global Warming (Deluxe Edition) - Pitbull [FLAC]

Danh mục: Album   
Danh sách:
01 Global Warming (feat. Sensato)
02 Don’t Stop The Party (feat. TJR)
03 Feel This Moment (feat. Christina Aguilera)
04 Back In Time
05 Hope We Meet Again (feat. Chris Brown)
06 Party Ain’t Over (feat. Usher & Afrojack)
07 Drinks For You (Ladies Anthem) (feat. Jennifer Lopez)
08 Have Some Fun (feat. The Wanted & Afrojack)
09 Outta Nowhere (feat. Danny Mercer)
10 Tchu Tchu Tcha (feat. Enrique Iglesias)
11 Last Night (feat. Havana Brown & Afrojack)
12 I’m Off That

Bonus Tracks:
13 Echa Pa’lla (Manos Pa’rriba) (feat. Papayo)
14 Everybody Fucks (feat. Akon & David Rush)
15 Get It Started (feat. Shakira)
16 11:59 (feat. Vein)

Trình bày: Various Artists
Định dạng: Flac
Release: 2012
Chất lượng: 16bit/44.1kHz
Kích thước: 418 MB

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